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Do I Have to Believe it?

The question! 

Acupuncture has given results on babies and animals which did not believe in their treatment.

Let us not talk about the sceptic ones who had positive results themselves (they are today among our best promoters!). This shows that a person's will or belief is not required for there to be results in acupuncture treatment. Furthermore, the mystery of acupuncture has been solved and proven by scientific research.

While placebo effect, a common human phenomenon, might sometimes add up to the initial effect of any treatment (whether it be medical or alternative), it will always be difficult to evaluate its precise impact. However, there are no doubts that the body initiates its self-healing mechanisms more easily when the mind trusts and does not hinder the process.

Isn’t it so with everything in life? Does believing in one's success not increase the chances of attaining one's objectives? This is a reality that we should celebrate, not fear.


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