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How does it work?

Different techniques may be used during an acupuncture session. The main technique consists in inserting very thin needles in the body or applying a LASER at specific points of the body in order to:

  • activate the self-healing (immune and homeostatic systems) and pain-relieving resources of the patient (endorphins, serotonin, adenosine, enkephalin);
  • help restore the body’s systems (immune, nervous, hormonal, visceral and muscular) normal functions;
  • create a natural relaxation state by increasing serotonin, which reduces stress and state of emergency;
  • reduce tension and muscular spasms by initiating vasodilatation and deactivation of dysfunctional neuromuscular junction;
  • promote tissue repair.

Despite the many benefits of acupuncture for many problems, it does not cure severe illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases and AIDS.


Acupuncture Downtown Montreal, 1290 Av. Van Horne #306, Outremont, QC H2V 4S2