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Is it for Me?

Acupuncture offers you complementary and alternative solutions to occidental medicine (O.M.), more precisely in the following situations:

  • Your medical record is normal, and even though you experience pain or discomfort, your condition does not require pharmacological treatment or a therapeutic act prescribed by a doctor.
  • You wish to optimize the diverse effects of diverse therapies (ex: physiotherapy, chiropractic).
  • When the taking of medicine is countraindicated (ex: hormones for menopause, pregnancy), inefficient or the cause of too many side effects and that your doctor does not oppose to this choice.
  • To prevent illnesses by reducing the effects of stress and strengthening your immune system; ideally as soon as the first symptoms appear.
  • When you need a guide who will take the time to identify the causes that are making your symptoms worse, or when you need life hygiene tips.
  • For illnesses with sometimes limited solutions (tinnitus, hiccups, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, “pinched nerve”, etc.).
  • To give yourself another chance when you have “tried everything”. Your body might react to acupuncture where other therapies have failed, because the approach is quite different.


Acupuncture Downtown Montreal, 1290 Av. Van Horne #306, Outremont, QC H2V 4S2