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  • Because each person is unique, the treatment must be personalized.
  • Putting a band-aid on a wound is not a logical solution and it will not give your body back its strength and vitality to fight stress and illnesses.
  • Keeping some time for a few appointments is a commitment to yourself, for lasting physical and psychological well-being.
  • Prevention is your best investment: consulting at the first symptoms will spare you the inconveniences and can reduce the number of treatments that you will need.
  • Thinking about it will not always allow you to let yourself go! When your body’s blocks are stronger, addressing it directly might help free your mind!
  • Our body has great adaptation capacity and self-balancing functions (homeostasis), but we seldom use it and do not believe in it much, because it is not much part of our education, if at all.


Acupuncture Downtown Montreal, 1290 Av. Van Horne #306, Outremont, QC H2V 4S2