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What is a Session Like?

First acupuncture session (75 to 90 min.):

  • Confidential form: current health, medical history, medication, traumatisms, etc.
  • Meeting about the reason behind your consultation, your expectations and your questions. I listen to your life story to find links between your genetics, your environment and your habits which can affect your health.
  • Physical examination, taking of pulse, observation of tongue, blood pressure.
  • Explanation of treatment and demonstration of puncture.
  • Comfortably installed in a lying position, you receive the most appropriate application of the treatment among the following:
    • Insertion of fine acupuncture needles (unique and sterile usage) – a practice that is almost painless and completely safe;
    • Application of LASER, a painless technique;
    • Application of heat produced by the combustion of an Artemisia  stick or “moxa” on the needles or by a sweeping motion;
    • Application of suction cups on points or sliding of suction cups along a meridian or along muscular tensions;
    • Electrical stimulation;
    • Auriculotherapy.

The patient thus rests for 15 to 30 minutes in a peaceful atmosphere.

Follow-up appointments (50 to 60 min.) :


Acupuncture Downtown Montreal, 1290 Av. Van Horne #306, Outremont, QC H2V 4S2