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Your Constitution

Your Constitution in 5 Elements



(Lung – Large Intestine)


(Liver – Gall Bladder)


(Spleen – Pancreas – Stomach)


(Heart – Small Intestine – Brain)


(Kidneys – Bladder)


×  Moderate, narrow or thin shape

×  Rather elongated, vaulted silhouette

×  Milky white complexion and matt tan

×  Small head, narrow shoulders, small feet

×  Nose sometimes very long

×  Narrow palms & hands, long fingers, smooth and supple


×  Long arms and legs

×  Broad shoulders, straight body and back, muscular and tendinous

×  Swarthy or greenish complexion

×  Hairy, good musculature

×  Wide eyes, sometimes bulging. Frank gaze, wide eyebrows

×  Solid or crumbly nails with white spots or even eaten

×  Palm of hands striated


×  Solid body

×  Yellowish complexion

×  Large head, round face

×  Fleshy shoulders and back, thighs and belly fat, chubby, thick skin

×  Small hands and feet, thick lips and cheeks

×  Mouth and nostrils opene

×  Possible double chin


×  Red face, red cheeks

×  Small head

×  Thin chin

×  Back, shoulders, hips and belly are rounded

×  Small and long hands, slender and agile

×  Smooth, sharp and curved nails

×  Small feet, walks fast

×  Blackish complexion, large head, narrow shoulders, big belly, long back

×  Short hands; puffy palms and fingers; flat, weak and bent nails

×  Defined facial features, sometimes aquiline nose

×  Black circles around the eyes or puffy eyelids, bags under the eyes

×  Flimsy constitution, fragile, often ill

×  The hyper-adrenal: rigid spine, dignified, head high

×  The hypo-adrenal: head looking down, bent forward


×  Sensitive to cold in the chest, shoulders and head, must wear a hat.

×  Dreads winds, irritated by it since it gives the feeling of dizziness or headache. Not sensitive to the cold.

×  Dreads season changes as a result of great fatigue or seasonal allergy.

×  Dreads heat and especially humidity that awakens rheumatism, asthma, sinusitis... Sensitive to cold if hypothyroidism.


×  Dreads summer and heat.

×  Dreads winter, always freezing and needs to curl up and hibernate.

Taste of food

×  Loves spicy tastes

×  Prefers sweet to savory

×  Consumes dairy products claiming to need calcium

×  Milk Chocolate


×  Attracted by acid or sour dishes and prefers savory to sweet

×  Dark Chocolate


×  Loves sweets, in all recipes

×  Desserts and chocolates must finish a meal

×  Lives to eat rather than eats to live


×  Indifferent to sweet or salty, likes bitter tastes such as coffee and tea

×  Prefers salty or sweet: cheeses, salted and cooked meats, ... Adds extra salt to dishes


×  Smell

×  Sight

×    Touch

×   Taste

      ×  Hearing


×  Fall

×  Spring

×  End of summer and change of seasons

×  Summer

×  Winter


×  Lung   (3am to 5am)

×  Large intestine  (5am to 7am)


×  Liver       (1am to 3pm)  

×  Gall bladder        (11pm to 1am)


×  Spleen-Pancreas (9am to 11am)

×  Stomach (7am to 9am)


×  Heart (11am to 1pm),

Small intestine (1pm to 3pm)

×  Pericardium (7pm to 9pm)

×  Triple Burner (9pm to 11pm)

×  Bladder (3pm to 5pm)

×  Kidney    (5pm to 7pm)



×  White

×  Green

×  Yellow

×  Red

×  Black

Type of occupation

×  Accountant

×  School teacher

×  Police

×  Juge

×  Lawyer

×  Temperament most valued by our society

×  Pioneer

×  Young ambitious executive/manager


×  Pacifist

×  Negotiator

×  Therapist

×  Nurse

×  Comedian

×  Artist


×  Philosopher


Acupuncture Downtown Montreal, 1290 Av. Van Horne #306, Outremont, QC H2V 4S2