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Your Personality

Your Personality in 5 Elements



(Lung – Large Intestine)


(Liver – Gall Bladder)


(Spleen – Pancreas – Stomach)


(Heart – Small Intestine – Brain)


(Kidneys – Bladder)


×  Usually wise, reasonable, grumpy, inattentive

×  Loves going to bed early

×  Teenager often suffers from acne and conflict

×  Usually turbulent, intrepid, nervous, sometimes shy

×  Bites nails or has other tics


×  Cheerful, carefree, easy to raise

×  Heavy sleeper and glutton

×  Hypersensitive, restless, agitated, disobedient, runaway, liar, difficult to raise; or contrarily: timid, withdrawn into oneself, easily influenced, variable mood, between laughter and crying with sobs


×  Hypersensitive, secretive, sad and withdrawn into oneself

×  Sometimes very unhappy with emotional trauma


×  Simple, thorough, perspicacious, good judge

×  Organized, structured and orderly

×  Respects authority and what is rational

×  Obsessed with the feeling of justice and great fear of corruption

×  Loves things that are defined, beauty, refinement, ceremony, rituals

×  Slow gestures

×  Rather a morning person, but needs a lot of sleep and vacations

×  Calm, reflective

×  Slow ideation, lack of concentration, inattention sometimes chronic, gets tired and discouraged quickly

×  Autocratic, severe, meticulous, formal and distant, even mannered


×     Stimulated by the challenge and action, project initiator, puts in all energy and works under pressure

×     Likes to be the best

×     Night Owl, difficulty getting up in the morning, but sometimes wakes up early spontaneously

×     Intellectually unstable and inconstant, memory is quite poor

×     Very ‘efficient’ approach to love (want more, better and longer)

×     Nervous, restless, impulsive, even aggressive and angry

×     Difficulty planning and having goals

×     Abundant dreams and nightmares

×     Depends on strong stimulations


×  Peacemaker, calm and generous

×  Not very ambitious

×  Balanced, jovial, pleasant and active in community

×  Helpful, loyal, a thinker more than a romantic, philosopher

×  Distracted, reckless, latecomer, lazy, careless and soft

×  Overprotects and interferes in others’ business

×  Tends to manipulate and compare ideas and nuances or distract, intellectual vacuity

×  A certain dependence on others, gets lost in relationships


×  Agile and active, energetic, provident, passionate, unites intimacy and communication

×  Charisma, likes being the center of attention

×  Memory and concentration can be excellent or poor

×  Intuitive, empathetic, likes sentimentality

×  Does not keep promises

×  Gets invaded by the problems of others, losing contact with territory

×  Hypersensitive who hides emotivity, rebel who fights for noble causes against injustice

×  Somewhat authoritarian, easily offended, intoxicated by the passion of love but it usually doesn’t last for very long

×  Excess or lack of confidence, easily influenced


×  Introspective, independent, self-sufficient, enigmatic, discreet

×  Likes to get to the bottom of problems and the naked truth

×  Enhances knowledge, sustainability and has a lot of imagination

×  Likes to remain hidden

×  Ability to design, to focus, to preserve

×  Detachment with sensitivity

×  Challenges : staying honest

×  If emotionally unattainable and undemonstrative, may suffer from isolation and boredom

×  Suspicious, even resentful

×  Fear of being destroyed



×  Discouragement-sadness, self-pity

×  Sad mood, melancholic pessimistic

×  Regrets things that happened



×     Frustration-anger-resentment-guilt

×     Intolerance, impatience


×     Worry-concern-obsession-excess reflection / discussion

×     Contrary moods alternate: happinessand profound melancholy


×     Anxiety- judgement- impatience-shame-denial-despair. Fear of being cut off from love


×  Vulnerabilities and emotions: Fear-Panic- insecurity. Crisis of discouragement, disgust of life, lack of interest in everything, deep sense of sadness



×     Save your energy

×     Should learn to let go and be less demanding of others


To be in movement, to evolve, to lead.

×     Be important in the eyes of others, be needed, seeks unity / harmony, to be involved, in charge, but without being the star/celebrity

×     Being the star/celebrity, in motion

×     Security, desire to isolate


×     Loves joyous events while fearing spontaneity

×     Optimistic and anxious. Active and great fear of powerlessness.

×     Need for security and the unpredictable. Desire for change and, at the same time, that everything remains stable

×     Need intimacy and fear of losing it

×     Need loneliness and fear of abandonment.


×     Nourished by types Earth, nourishes types Water, and is easily in conflict with the types Wood and Fire

×     Nourished by types Water and is easily conflict with the types Earth and Metal/span>

×     Nourished by the types Fire, Nourishing for types Metal, easily in conflict with the types Water and Wood

×     Nourished by the types Wood, nourishing for types Earth and easily in conflict with the types Metal and Water

×     Nourished by the types Metal, Nourishing for types Wood, is easily in conflict with the types Fire and Earth


×     Focused on the sacred and the ritual

×     Performance approach

×     Loves hugging and feeling united

×     Fusion and ultimate union is orgasm. Good libido

×     Attracted by penetration, likes discovering mysteries


×     Letting go !

×     Cultivating inwardness, listening to body and emotions, recognizing vulnerability

×     Cultivating solitude to offset the excessive devotion to others

×     Meditating, taking time alone to center and protect against external influences

×     Balancing harshness with tenderness. Taking the risk of sweetness, contact and engagement


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