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Your Symptoms

Your Symptoms in 5 Elements



(Lung – Large Intestine)


(Liver – Gall Bladder)


(Spleen – Pancreas – Stomach)


(Heart – Small Intestine – Brain)


(Kidneys – Bladder)

Predisposition during childhood

×  Skinny, pale and without appetite

×  Suffers nasopharyngitis, bronchitis or laryngitis, tracheitis repeatedly, serous otitis

×  Measles, whooping cough, persistent asthma, atopic eczema

×  Constipation and milk intolerance

×  Bedwetting or testicle does not descend or no periods at puberty

×  Ligament laxity, rapid growth by leaps and bounds which exposes it to scoliosis


×     Food intolerances to hearty meals, chocolate, eggs, etc.

×     Sun allergy

×     Early myopia

×     Jaundice


×  Big baby or even obese during prepubescent period

×  Gourmand, overindulges on sweets and dairy products and often has bellyaches

×  Bedwetting, respiratory sensitivity, predilection for whooping cough and mumps followed by fatigue

×  Easily affected by viruses and intestinal parasites and fungi (thrush, mycosis)

×  Far-sighted, astigmatic and strabismus (divergent squint)

×  Risk that testicle does not descend or absent and irregular menstruations


×  Rare physical diseases, especially of a physiological nature

×  High fever, risk of convulsions, sometimes epilepsy

×  Sore throat, scarlet fever, infectious purpura, sunstroke, toxicosis

×  Fetal distress may intensify the constitutional behavior of Fire


×  Possibly thin, vulnerable level of ENT, pain in the throat and tonsils removal

×  Infected otitis, eardrums pierced repeatedly

×  Impetigo, furuncle, albumin in the urine

×  Possible delay in puberty or lack of menstruation

×  Very sensitive to cold, sensitive to infectious diseases


Predisposition during adulthood

×  Lung or intestinal diseases and skin damage

×  Allergies

×  Sensitive to colds, chronic bronchitis, repeated laryngitis, frequent flu, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, asthma, emphysema

×  Chronic colitis, colic pain,digestive intolerance

×  Morning and chronic diarrhea (time of colon 5 to 7 am)

×  Chronic hemorrhoids

×  Gastritis at duodenum

×  Inflammation of the lymph nodes:

×  Skin disorders: eczema, acne, dry skin, psoriasis, mycosis, etc.

×  Repeatedly UTI

×  Hypothyroidism, sensitivity to cold

×  Painless menstruations, long, spaced out or absent

×  Ligamentous laxity (hypermobility), repetitive dislocation and sprain, tendinitis, epicondylitis, shoulder arthritis, progressive and deforming rheumatism

×  Multiple dental cavities

×  Hands vulnerable to chilblains

×  Tireless, lack of tone and pump stroke in the evening


×     Any pain

×     Headaches, migraines, discomfort in the neck, cervical vertebrae, shoulders

×     Muscle tensions

×     Spasmophilia

×     Allergies to foods, insect bites, sun, animal hair, industrial products, medicines

×     Hives, eczema, sometimes asthma, hay fever

×     Digestive disorders: indigestion, gallstones, crisis of ulcerative colitis, constipation, hemorrhoids crises

×     Cholesterol

×     Acute and fleeting joint pains, changing articulation

×     High levels of uric acid, eventually kidney stones

×     Fast palpitations, hypertension, hypotension with sensation of fainting, dizziness (vertigo), fear of empty space, discomfort in transport

×     Claustrophobia

×     PMS, menstrual problems, breast pain, tends to have fibroids and cysts

×     goitre, hyperthyroidism

×     eye sensitivity, viral conjunctivitis, myopia

×     Herpes zoster

×     Attracted by stimulants or sedatives to calm or support energy


×  Fatigue because of hypoglycemia; sudden cravings (around 11am and 6pm) and excess appetite., inability to concentrate, cellulite, obesity, pancreatic and stomach pain, ulcers, hiatal hernia, diabetes, pre-diabetes, diarrhea

×  Chronic bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, heart condition, arteritis

×  Early prostatitis, ovulation and period disorders, frigidity, premature ejaculation

×  Hypothyroidism

×  Oral or dermal mycosis

×  Eczema, psoriasis

×  Early baldness, important dental cavities, sinusitis, mouth ulcers, hypersalivation, early cataract

×  Osteoarthritis and rheumatism sensitive to humid weather

×  Edema / fluid retention in the lower limbs


×     Subject to anxiety, insomnia and nervous exhaustion affecting memory and concentration

×     Depression, palpitations, restlessness

×     Circulatory problems and blood pressure

×     Sympathetic system disorders with spasms of the intestines, stomach, heart, with heart rhythm problems and pain. Venous and arterial circulatory problems (varicose veins, hemorrhoids, tonsilitis, arteriosclerosis)

×     Diffuse headaches, scalp tingling and tingling in limbs, spasmophilia, spastic colitis mostly on the right side, osteoarthritis

×     Cholesterol and uric acid elimination disorders

×     Life is fairly short, in general

×     Excessive sweating

×     Febrile illnesses (malaria)

×     Lactation disorders

×    Natural weakness of the kidney, adrenals, gonads & sex hormones, bladder

×    Cold attacks and pain in the cervical and lumbar regions, hips and legs

×    Urinary problem

×    Menopause, night sweats

×    Cessation of menstruation, hypotension and weakness

×    The hypo-adrenal presents an overall and chronic fatigue, exhaustion

×    Swollen eyelids in the morning or ankles late in the day

×    Bone disorders: early osteoarthritis, chronic rheumatism, demineralization, decalcification, osteomyelitis

×    Meningitis, repeated viral and bacterial infection

×    Severe and purulent acne, furuncle

×    Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and severe Herpes Zoster

×    Type 1 Diabetes

×    Lymphatic, and marrow disorder

×    Cold to the four limbs, hands, feet and into the bones

×    Low libido


Associated structures in Chinese medicine


×  Lung: nose, throat, bronchial tubes, thorax, lungs, skin, perspiration, circulation of body fluids

×  Large Intestine: head, ENT, teeth, intestines, febrile illnesses

×  Lateral aspect of the arm


×    Liver: digestive system, reproductive organs and menstruation, eyes

×    Gallbladder: lateral aspect of the body and the head

×  Spleen-Pancreas: spleen, stomach, intestine, heart; abdomen, flesh, joints, collagen, interstitial sector and water metabolism, nerve endings

×  Stomach face and ENT, psyche, thorax and abdomen, anterior face of the body

×  Heart, brain, thorax, tongue, upper back, shoulder blades, posterior aspect of the arm


×  Bones, brain, meninges, bone marrow, central nervous system, ears, loins-knees-ankles. Posterior aspect of the body


Health advice

×  Increase outdoors breathing exercises

×  Save your strength

×  Avoid overeating spicy foods

×  Favorable foods: white vegetables (turnips, white radishes), watercress, apples and pears, oats, white fish


×    Avoid consuming a lot of stimulating foods (coffee, alcohol) or spicy food

×    Be careful with frying and creams that generate heat

×    Search for cereals, fibers, green vegetables


×  Need condiments (ginger, pepper, parsley, cardamom) to help flush out water and flatulence

×  Avoid eating too much raw or sugary foods, pasta and fat

×  Favour these foods: sweet vegetables (squash, carrots), red berries, root vegetables, cereals and beef

×  Activity and exercise will prevent the stagnation of body fluids

×  Avoid consuming a lot of stimulating or spicy food

×Soothing and favorable foods: fruits and vegetables, soups, good fluid intake, seaweed, root vegetables, fish, cereals



×  Decrease consumption of raw and cold foods that cool you down even more

×  Favorable foods: chestnuts, walnuts, legumes (lentils, black beans, adzuki, tofu), seafood, salmon, ginger



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